Emily Jean Designs

Emily Jean was a dream for a long time, I studied Visual Arts at the University of South Australia, majoring in jewellery design and silversmithing. I create handmade lamp-worked glass jewellery in a large array of colours from my home studio in Flinders Range, including stud earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and wineglass charms. All glass is worked/melted directly onto the surgical steel earring blacks and pendant bezels as well as the sterling silver ring bases which means there is no glueing involved, all glass is fused on, making the jewellery perfect for day to day long lasting wearability. Each piece is unique, although I can re-create the same colour combinations, no two pieces will ever come out the same due to the fluid nature of molten glass.

 Emily Jean is a complete labor of love........I was one of those kids that always put Art first above all other learning areas and interests and that never changed. I studied Visual Arts at the University of South Australia, majoring in jewellery design and silversmithing and after years of studying, working as a visual arts teacher and having babies, my path finally lead me back to what makes my heart sing.
Everything is handmade straight from my heart to yours in my home studio on a sheep Station in Hawker, the hub of the Flinders Ranges, where I am surrounded by endless inspiration. My jewellery is a fun play on nature and the world around us, creating mini worlds of light and colour and its easy to see just how obsessed i am with colour and the beautiful tactile nature of glass.
I design for easy and long lasting wearability form day to day. I use high quality furnace and soda lime glass, melting different combinations of coloured glass chips inside clear glass and then shaping it directly onto earring posts, pendant bezels, ect making them a strong and permanent fixture. All glass is then properly kiln annealed (cooling process) making it strong and durable despite it being glass which makes it just that much more magical.

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