Bluebell Design

My name is Michelle. I am a fully qualified Manufacturing Jeweller from South Australia. Jewellery is my passion, my hobby and luckily my job.

My love for Jewellery making began at a young age, using beads to create all sorts of weird and wonderful pieces. My interest in beads and jewellery then turned into a job at a bead shop throughout most of my high school life. After I completed high school in 2009, I was lucky enough to immediately begin a four-year apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacturing.

During my apprenticeship I undertook a few extra classes such as an Introduction to Antiques, Pearl Threading and Gemmology. Gemmology was a 2-year course involving both theory and practical, which was an interesting journey; learning about different gemstones and their properties. In 2012 I became a certified Gemmologist, and for the following 2 years I helped teach the practical side of Gemmology. Gemmology opened up a whole new door for me into the world of jewellery, which helped me discover many weird and wonderful gemstones.

I completed my apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacturing in 2013 and since then I continue to learn different manufacturing techniques to create my latest designs.

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