Art by Elicia Jane

I am a local abstract artist, I started my company recently whilst on maternity leave with my first child. My artworks are bold and colourful including resin, textured acrylic and other mixed media. My original canvas artworks are 1mx1m, however I also sell limited edition canvas and fine paper prints, greeting cards and earrings.

Creating artwork has been a passion of mine for many years; I studied design in high school and have been creating artwork the last 15 years.

My style is abstract artwork and I love working with mixed media including acrylic and resin. My artwork is colourful and textured, reaching out to the eye and drawing you in.  I love a piece of artwork that you can stare at many times and see different details emerging.

Over the years many things have inspired me, I’ve lived and worked overseas, worked in Human Resources and have recently given birth to my first child. All of these experiences as well as living close to the ocean influence my art and I hope that you enjoy the pieces I have available for sale.

You can see more of my work online via Instagram


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