Flowers In Your Hair

Made by myself, Irina Nazarova, ‘Flowers In Your Hair’ are unique jewellery pieces of captured Australian and introduced flora, carefully collected and preserved in resin to be adorned. Being born and raised in Estonia and spending some years in Australia; I am fascinated by the rich variety and complexity of the native flora. The aspiration behind ‘Flowers In Your Hair’ jewellery is to create artworks that share, and put focus, on the beauty of Australian flora

My jewellery is designed and made by me in my home studio in the Adelaide Hills.

‘Flowers In Your Hair’ collection of jewellery includes a variety of earrings and studs in different sizes and shapes with sterling silver hooks; pendants (bronze on the leather strips and silver on sterling silver chains), rings, hairclips and brooches. I handpick all my floral specimens myself on long nature walks, and in urban environments and gardens.

Coming Soon!