Emilia Rose Art

I began experimenting with fluid acrylics in 2016 to reconnect myself to the meditative mindful state of creating. The experiments with fluid acrylics began the journey into what is now artwork that is created out of freedom with an organic nature, where no two pieces are the same. These experiments can be seen in my current work, from the contrast of the gloss finish and textured islands to the highlighting gold leaf paint and the finishing touches of dot painting. When combined, these elements bring together artwork that has movement and liveliness.

On viewing artwork created I've created it’s not hard to find the theme of nature. This is one major influence of mine. Colour palettes are carefully chosen to depict the ocean waves, clear blue skies, stormy moon lit nights, coral reefs and sunsets. This invites the viewer to open to the artwork with a connection of past emotions and memories. In my opinion, abstract art has the power to connect to each viewer in its own unique way, allowing the imagination to light up and connect to the energy of the artwork. Nature’s magic is what I hope to depict in each piece of artwork. This is how the round canvas came about. The round canvas was originally used to create an illusion of a porthole looking out to a magical wonderland. This lead to the progression of the rectangle canvas’ to capture sweeping panoramic ocean waves. I invite you to take time to connect to my art and see where your imagination takes you. 

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