Carla C

Hi! Love seeing all the store ‘love’ on Instagram and the like! Fabulous initiative. I’m a newbie designer of fabric jewellery with an ’80s influence. (Well, I’ve had a jewellery range in the past, which I sold through Miss Gladys Sym Choon, but it’s been a while between ranges – work/life/babies!) These days, I make everything from velvet raa-raa ruffle necklaces to military-style brass-button cuff bangles, Fergie bow necklaces, two-tone scrunchie bow bracelets, and more. My background is in journalism, PR and fiction (including previously reporting on jewellery trade shows in Italy!). So I’ll PR my little heart out if selected. You can also find me here: and Big thanks for your time. Happy to send through any product images or whatever else necessary 🙂 Ph 0408 970 034

Adelaide-made bead-focused jewellery by a former fashion editor. For customised orders, email or visit or

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